Senior Members Are Really Terrific
An exclusive club for members age 50 and over!

Free Benefits!

Here's what you'll get Absolutely FREE By joining the SMART Club!

  • Free Check Printing -- That's a savings of $9-$16 per check order (note: a postage and handling fee may apply).
  • Free Members Prime Club -- One year in the National Associated of Retired Credit Union People (a $25 value) offering several advantages:
    • Member Communication/Education (Prime Times issued 6 times per year)
    • Health Benefits (savings on prescription eye wear, mail order pharmacy, vitamin & nutritional supplements discounts)
    • Travel Benefits (50% hotel savings -- Quest, dining discounts, etc.)
    • Insurance & Investments (can purchase supplemental insurance, etc.)
    • Consumer Discounts -- (floral discounts; RV Motorhome rental) and more!
  • Educational and Informational Seminars -- Investing, financial management, Social Security, and more.
  • Social Gatherings -- Food and fun, with the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.
  • Free Notary Public Service -- Avoid costly fees by using your Credit Union.
  • Free Signature Guarantee on Stocks -- All at no cost to you.
  • SMART Club Newsletter -- For the latest on money saving and investing tips, contests and additional SMART Club benefits.
  • Free Financial Planning Service -- Includes investment assistance, budgeting assistance, insurance analysis, tax reduction information and more through our Empire Associated Services.

More Reasons!

Why the SMART Club makes sense for you:

  • Free "Postage-Paid" Credit Union Pre-Addressed Envelopes -- To obtain your free envelopes, call and request from our marketing department.
  • Free Traveler's Cheques and "Cheques for Two" -- For ultimate protection whether home or away.
  • Special 24-Month Golden Certificates -- Earn from .05% to .25% more than our regular 24-month certificates (offered at different times throughout the year for SMART Club members only).
  • Free Money Orders -- Save $2 per Money Order.
  • Gift Checks -- At a 50% discount.
  • Fast Loan Processing/Approval -- Two-hour turnaround.
  • Complimentary Calendar -- Beautiful calendar mailed to your home annually.
  • Free Co-Payable Checks -- We'll waive the fee for our SMART Club members.
  • Free Nationwide Funds Transfer -- At over 300 locations, using our ITCUA Telephone Credit Union Correspondent Program we can transfer funds to you at any ITCUA location. (See an "ITCUA Brochure", available at your credit union, for locations.) Savings of $5.00.

How To Join!

It's easier than you think. To qualify for the SMART Club, you must be an Empire FCU member at or over the age of 45, and have an Empire Checking Account plus any three (3) of the following Credit Union Services:

  • VISA Classic Credit Card -- No annual fee, 13.9% APR, a 25-day grace period, and credit limits from $300 to $2,000.
  • VISA Gold Credit Card -- 12.9% APR, credit limits from $2,000 to $15,000, 25-day grace period, and an exclusive travel assistance package.
  • VISA Debit Card -- No-cost VISA card that works like a plastic check, using your checking account funds to pay for purchases.
  • Empire Line-Of-Credit -- Easy access, with quick approval, a great rate, and credit limits available up to $25,000.
  • Empire Mortgage or Home Equity Loan -- Take advantage of our low rates, easy terms, and member-friendly home loans.
  • Empire Express ATM Card -- Get convenient, 24-hour international access to your accounts with our ATM card. Safe, easy, convenient!
  • MOOLA MOOLA Club -- Enroll a family member in our youth savings club.
  • Direct Deposit -- Of a recurring check to the Credit Union.