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Empire's PC Teller

For Empire Members who prefer the convenience of electronic services to going into the Credit Union, Empire FCU is now offering Home Banking. With Empire 'PC Teller', members can view account and loan balances, account history, and transfer funds between Empire Accounts. Users can print account information and export it out to 'Quicken' or 'MS Money' programs to balance your accounts automatically. Access to this service is restricted to members with a valid account and password, requests and responses are encrypted, and screening and filtering routers as well as fire walls are used to prevent tampering.

To access your account enter your account number with a '0' at the end and enter your 'DANA' pin as the password. When prompted you should change your password and keep it secure.

For security reasons you can only use a secure browser to access the 'PC Teller'. Netscape 4.51 or greater, MS Internet Explorer ver 4.01 or greater, WebTV's current version, and AOL ver 4.0 or greater will work.. Click here to download Netscape's current version.

Members are invited to email Empire if there are any concerns or questions. If you want to find out more information on the security used, Click Here.

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