Day and Night Access (DANA) allows you to access your account, transfer funds between accounts, check balances and apply for loans by telephone. To access call

Syracuse (315)478-DANA (3262)
Tri-Cities (607)773-DANA
Nationwide 1(800)262-DANA

DANA will ask for your member number followed by a # sign -- this is your member number with a zero at the end. Then it will ask for your personal access code, followed by a #. Then you need to enter a service code followed by the # sign. Here are the service codes:

8 Deposits
9 Withdrawls
11 Balance(share accounts) savings accounts
12 Balance checking
13 Last Checks Paid
14 Checks Paid
15 Balance(general account)
16 Balance(general loan)
18 Interest paid on account
19 interest paid on loan
20 new member number
21 Transfer (share to checking)
22 Transfer (checking to share)
25 Transfer (LOC to share)
27 Transfer (account to account)
28 Transfer (loan to account)
29 Transfer (cross-member)
34 Check (to be mailed)
41 Loan Payment (from share)
42 Loan Payment (from checking)
45 Loan Payment
51 Rate (saving)
52 Rate (loan)
60 Bill Payment
66 Change Password
67 Stop payment
81 Speak Code Menu

You will need to know your loan number to access loan info. Decimals are not necessary. $100.00 would be entered 10000. To cancel a transaction hit * followed by a #.