Winter 2000


And now, a word from our sponsor:
Credit Union membership is for kids!
It's never too early to learn about money management. You can give your child a good start with a membership at Empire. Empire kids are also eligible to apply for credit union College Scholarships. Applications for 2001 are being taken. Call for yours at (315) 477-2200.

December is last chance for monthly saving prize

This fall, Empire kids could earn four different savings prizes by making monthly $5 deposits:

September Orange or blue school box
October Neon eraser & ruler
November Bright idea pencil sharpener
December* Sports ball pen

Prizes for December deposits are available through December 30, or while supplies last.

*Present receipts t o show $5 deposits for September, October and November to deposit just $1 for your December prize. Membership and restrictions apply.

Did you get a birthday card from the Moola Moola Club?
You could win a prize!

If you received a birthday card from the Moola Moola Club, save it! Next time you visit the Credit Union, drop your card off in the birthday drawing box. One birthday kid is picked each quarter as a prize winner.

The 4th quarter winner will receive a state quarters collector's kit, including a starter pack and guide to collecting state quarters.

NOTE: Birthday drawing winners are picked in March, June, September and December. The quarterly birthday drawing replaces the Quarter Savers Club.

Membership and restrictions apply.

Coin Collector's Corner

The 'secret code' of coins

Part of the fun of coin collecting is the detective work. There is a lot to find out about coins, including where a coin was made, or 'minted'. Look on the front of the coin under the year for the 'mintmark'. This letter will tell you which U.S. mint produced the coin. A 'P' is for Philadelphia, a 'D' is for Denver, and an 'S' is for San Francisco.

To learn more about coins, we recommend The Kid's Guide to Collecting Statehood Quarters, published by St. Martin's Griffin.


Neat places on the 'net'

Our Club friends, Samantha and Cassie C., told us about this site:

This site is pure fun. It features the Rugrats, Nick at Nite, and other Nickelodeon stuff. You can download software from the net to add animation and do things like make Mike Brady's hair grow.

The Moola Moola Club web testers rate 'G' for good fun.

Do you have a favorite site? Tell us about it. Send an e-mail to the Moola Moola Club at

What do ya think?

Should the Moola Moola Club bring back the 'coloring page'?

We stopped featuring a coloring page in the newsletter 'cause our members stopped sending them in. Should we bring it back? TELL US! E-mailers, vote yes or no.

What do ya know?
Why should you save money in an account?

Why should you save money in an account when you could stuff your money in a jar behind the clothes hamper in your room?

The members of the Moola Moola Club 'think tank' were able to come up with three good reasons to save you money in a savings account:

1. Regular saving. If you save in an account and your money is out of sight, you are less likely to spend your savings, and maybe more likely to save regularly.
2. Safety. The Credit Union insures your savings. If you lose your jar of money at home, tough luck. If anything weird happens at the Credit Union, we have insurance to make sure your money is safe. (Ask your local grown-up to tell you what insurance is.)
3. Dividends. Savings accounts earn dividends. This is money we pay you to keep your money here. So, you end up with more money than you put in.

Here's a quiz to see, What do ya know?

What is another name for 'dividend'? We'll give the first correct e-mail and regular mail answers we receive each a $25 prize. The $25 will be deposited into your account to earn _______.

Mail to Contest, Empire FCU, PO Box 11127, Syracuse, NY 13218.

Email to